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Away from the court, for a while...

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Away from the court, for a while...
[[Kel, Kangra and Isolde are walking through a faerie neighbourhood. The buildings are built to a human scale, but on the streets, faeries walk, fly and ride their herons. The faeries go about their business at their natural size. Kangra is still human-sized.]] / Kel: But why did you have to get an adjournment? / Isolde: To look for an expert.
Isolde: I know you're eager to leave the country, but it would probably have taken another day anyway. With the delay, I can find an expert witness to deflect that third charge my brother ambushed us with.
Isolde: ... Meanwhile, I've finally got you out on bail! That's an improvement, isn't it? / Kangra: Jodoque is staying here. / / Kel: I just wish they'd given me my amulet back. If I shapeshift accidentally, my case is toast.
[[Isolde, Kangra and Kel are watched in a crystal ball. Green eyes are reflected in the ball.]] / Isolde: ...Not if this expert witness works out. Don't worry.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 8, 2004.