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O-nay omment-kay on the umps-stay

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O-nay omment-kay on the umps-stay
Isolde: Remember, the Green Knight and Wythllew have done most of the work on the first two charges. Just confirm their accounts unless they're vague or grossly wrong. / Kel: Uh-huh. / / [[Isolde indicates a gnome with an eye-patch and a scarred face. The Gnome is also missing an arm.]] / Isolde: Mr. Rásdondr is our heredity expert. He's done most of his work with lions, but his theory will, I think, apply to you as well. / Rásdondr: How do you do. / / Kel: Thank you for helping out at such short notice. / Rásdondr: Girl, you may not think that once I'm done.
Kel: Wh-aren't you going to help me get cleared?
Rásdondr: Yes, but that doesn't mean you'll like what I say.
Isolde: Kangra, just give straight answers. Don't try to outwit the prosecutor, because you'll be on a hiding to nothing. / Kangra: Okay!
[[Fafnir is conferring with his mystery witness.]] / Mystery witness: I don't wanna do this! / Fafnir: Too late. You've been subpoena'd. It's the law!
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