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An unusual gathering

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An unusual gathering
[[Maghreid whispers at P'Séaigg, who is just sharing part of Abúi's breakfast of indistinct lilac objects.]] / Maghreid: Psst! P'séaigg!
Maghreid: Did you notice those guys down the aisles? They weren'there yesterday.
[[Maghreid is speaking off-panel. The head of the Shrine and the Justice Minister are standing in the field, while Daoibleagh is hawking his wares at them.]] / Maghreid: ... the heads of the Shrine and the Office of Rites, / the Justice Minister...
[[Maghreid is speaking off-panel. Jodoque is chatting to Eniac.]] / Maghreid: Lords Univac and Vax, Lady Eniac, and....
Maghreid:...Who is the bald fellow? / Grimborgsman: Master of Rituals. He was supposed to be in Clwyd-Rhan right now...
Grimborgsman: ...Do you think he might have anything to do with the Waylay Dust incident? / Maghreid: Oooh! I'd love to have that kind of dirt on him!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 24, 2004.