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Drum roll, drum roll...

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Drum roll, drum roll...
Fafnir: Did I now? Your venerablenesses, what do the records say? / / Fuddeaigh: The defense objected to the late addition of a witness on the grounds that it would slow down the proceedings. To accommodate the defense, the court-
[[D'owd is speaking from off-panel.]] / D'owd: Ahem.
D'owd: There is precedent for the prosecution to go first. Republic versus Spig, Republic versus Bonfire and Clydesdale. Both succesful prosecutions.
Fafnir: I can accommodate... if you insist on having my witness become the instrument of your destruction now instead of later. It won't make her any happier.
Isolde: Please call the prosecution's witness.
Dódr: Very well... Call- What's it say here? Oh, wait.
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panel. Atra is revealed in her rejuvenated state.]] / Dódr: Call Atra Cambrensis!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 1, 2004.