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Outrageous outrage

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Outrageous outrage
[[Fafnir is speaking off-panel.]] / Fafnir: ... I won't use your answers against you. You are not on trial.
[[Isolde is objecting off-panel.]] / Fafnir: Did you have any contact with the Fae Wythllew when she- / Isolde: Objection!
Isolde: Your venerable-nesses, this is an outrage! After a day of trying to pin the theft on my client, the prosecution is now using our account of events! / / D'Owd: ...And?
Isolde: If the prosecution accepts our account, they should drop the theft charge at once!
Dódr: Will both counsels please join us in the tent?
[[Kel is speaking off-panel. The judges and lawyers walk towards the tent on the left.]] / Kel: Grm...
Kel: How dare that lawyer use Atra like that? / Kangra: That's Atra? What happened to her?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 6, 2004.