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The plot congeals...

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The plot congeals...
Isolde: That <i>is</i> odd. She should be, what, sixty-five? I'll call her on that and have this impostor dismissed. / Kel/Ottar: No!
Kel: Don't! That's the real Atra. I can't tell you how this happened, but I don't want her to get in any trouble.
Isolde: But then her testimony will stand. I can get her to deny everything my brother has so artfully suggested, but then the judges will pick and choose what to believe. / Abúi: Isolde!
[[Abúi hands Isolde a small object.]] / Abúi: P'Séaigg told me to give you this. It was passed on from the back of the audience.
[[Abúi turns towards Ottar in the background. Isolde looks at the object in her hand.]] / Abúi: Hey, sweetie! You did great yesterday!
[[Fafnir speaks off-panel. Maghreid and the Grimborgsman sit in the back of the audience, behind the Sinn Fae protestors.]] / Fafnir: I said, "No further questions!" Will my opponent please get on with it?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 15, 2004.