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Kel's Testimony I

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Kel's Testimony I
[[Isolde questions Kel.]] / Isolde: How long did you serve with the Green Knight before he gave you the enchanted dress? / Kel: A year... / / Isolde: Did you pass through the Grimborg? / Kel: No. / Isolde: Have you shapeshifted since then? / Kel: Yes.
Isolde: But our records say you had the Rune of Containment cast over you at birth. That should prevent you from using any natural magic.
Kel: Yes.
Isolde: How did you break through that?</p>
[[Kel does not answer yet. Isolde looks behind her to see the reaction of the audience and Fafnir.]]
[[Kel speaks off-panel. The audience are craning their heads to hear her.]] / Kel: ...I don't know.
Fafnir: Do you expect us to believe that your natural magic just flared up like gas in a mine shaft?
Kel: I don't know.
Fafnir</b>: / Tell me. <br /> / What did you do? / </p> / / [[Kel pauses. Fafnir waits, with arms folded.]
Kel: I don't remember.
Fafnir: You don't remember. Very well... I can't force you to testify against yourself. No further questions.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 22, 2004.