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An ugly encounter

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An ugly encounter
[[In the audience, Maghreid and the Grimborgsman listen to Kangra's narration with great interest.]] / Maghreid: Ooh... interesting!
[[Kangra's narration continues.]] / Kangra: It got ugly. / Green Wodeskovian: Or were you the one that took up that crazy human religion? Were you even on our side during the war?
Kangra: The war wasn't against humans! / Green Wodeskovian: It should have been! Fat load of good they've done for us! Haw haw haw!
Green Wodeskovian: If you like humans so much, why don't you breed with one! Haw haw haw! Oh! I know! You're not allowed to! / Grayse: Is he bothering you? / Kangra: Don't mind him.
Kangra: He was escorted out after he tried to pull my onions off... / Green Wodeskovian: And your mother's an infiltrator! We're on to her!
Kangra: My mother's a Funny Hat, you see? She works to preserve our rights and... / Isolde: Yes, yes...
Kangra: Anyway, I was sure it was a mistake what happened with Kel. But once that was sorted out I'd - I'm so thick! I'd never have passed the Grimborg in her place!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 27, 2004.