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Goblin garment

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Goblin garment
[[Kangra smiles shily.]]
Isolde: ...Let's talk about the first Contention War. You were in-
Kangra: - The Tree Faerie Liberation Front. / / Isolde: Your sisters were in it too, right? / / Kangra: Norla was. But Kel was involved in one of our missions.
Isolde: What happened?
[[Kangra narrates. Shown: Jake, Kangra and Norla, the latter in their uniforms, enter the palace of the Goblin KIng, which is filled with fighting goblins and overgrown with weeds.]] / Kangra: We were in a Goblin stronghold with Dzhalkulpturgl the Gnome, looking for my sister and her friends when we arrived the Goblins were fighting among themselves and the place was covered in vegetation.
[[Kangra narrates. Shown: Tamlin and Ghrghugha in the kitchen.]] / Kangra: We found my sister's friends in the kitchen, with a Gnomian warrioress holding a Goblin garment...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 29, 2004.