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Revisiting Contention

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Revisiting Contention
[[Kangra narrates. Shown: Kangra and Norla restore Kel to human form.]] / Isolde: She had shapeshifted? / Kangra: Yes. Norla and I restored her to human form, but she was unconscious. / / [[Isolde questions Kangra on what happened next. Shown: Kel wakes up.]] / Isolde: What did she say when she woke up? / Kel: Oh shit! I haven't been fluttering around like an idiot again, have I? / / [[Kangra narrates. Shown: Kel rubbing her eyes as Ghrghugha talks to her.]] / Isolde: So she had- / Kangra: -no idea what had happened to her.
[[A little later. Fafnir is now questioning Kangra.]] / Fafnir: Are you saying your actions were benign and ineffectual?
Kangra: Ineff- Oh! Yes! I would say that. It was a dumb, dumb thing to do!
[[Fafnir and Kangra speak off-panel. Kel and Isolde talk among themselves.]] / Fafnir: Doesn't make it legal, does it? / Kangra: ...I suppose not.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 1, 2004.