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Look at them eyes roll! Look at them roll!

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Look at them eyes roll! Look at them roll!
Fafnir: Now, did you actually see your sister shapeshift from human to vegetable form? / Kangra: No.
Fafnir: So you don't actually know how she broke through Containment. / Kangra: No. I have a pretty good idea- / / Fafnir: -But no actual knowledge.
Kangra: ... I suppose not.
[[Fafnir rolls his eyes.]] / Fafnir: ...No further questions...
[[Dódr is speaking off-panel. Kangra is welcomed back at the Defense's table by Kel and Isolde.]] / Dódr: Call Professor Rásdondr!
[[The harpist strikes a chord off-panel. Rásdondr hobbles towards the witness box on an underarm crutch - in addition to the missing right arm and left eye, he also misses his left leg.]] / <<Sproing! >>
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 3, 2004.