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Rásdondr's testimony begins

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Rásdondr's testimony begins
Rásdondr: I am a biologist and botanist. I specialise in hybridisation in plants and animals.
Isolde: What species do you study? / Rásdondr: Well, I started out with cabbages... But i got more interested in hybridising animals. / / Isolde: What for? / Rásdondr: Well, hybridisation gave us the rutabaga, a useful crop. And it would be a good idea to have, say, a cross between a dog and a sheep, so it could herd itself.
Isolde: Are you studying dogs and sheep? / Rásdondr: No. Crossing those has proved elusive. For now, I am focusing on cats.
Isolde: Cats. / Rásdondr: You know, lions and tigers. / Isolde: Why those? They're hard to come by. / Rásdondr: Oh, I just like them. They're playful and affectionate. / Isolde: Aren't they dangerous? / Rásdondr: Nonsense! They tend to play rough, is all!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 5, 2004.