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Lions, tigers, and a great big elephant in the room

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Lions, tigers, and a great big elephant in the room
Isolde: Okay...how are your experiments going? / Rásdondr: Very well indeed! One of my female ti-ligers has just had a litter of adorable li-ti-liger cubs.
Isolde: And a ti-liger is? / Rásdondr: Well, you cross a male lion with a female tiger to get ligers. Most ligers are sterile but some of the females are not. So if you cross one of them with a male tiger, you get ti-ligers.
Fafnir: Your venerablenesses, will my learned friend and the witness please get to the point?
[[Rásdondr is speaking off-panel.]] / Isolde: My opponent should have some patience! Professor, lions are bigger than tigers, aren't they? Rásdondr: Yes.
Isolde: So the size of a ...liger... is somewhere inbetween? / Rásdondr: Strangely, no. A liger is usually larger than a lion. But a tigon-
Isolde: -A cross between a lioness and a male tiger? / Rásdondr: Yes. -Is usually smaller than a lion.
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Originally published on November 8, 2004.