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The science explains

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The science explains
Isolde: That is odd. How can that be? / Rásdondr: Well, the answers can be found in humours theory. / / Rásdondr: I have concluded that male lions and tigers have more of the blood humour and the yellow bile humour than their counterparts of the opposite sexes. When they mate, this combination of humours allows their young to grow more.
[[Isolde and Rásdondr are speaking off-panel. Fafnir is getting angry.]] / Isolde: Fascinating. Now before my opponent bursts with impatience- / Rásdondr: Yes, he does look a choleric one, doesn't he?
Isolde: Have you ever seen fae-human halfbreeds? / Rásdondr: Oh, yes. They're not rare. In fact, I have two of them working in my lab. / / [[Isolde is speaking off-panel. Rásdondr looks to his left.]] / Isolde: My client, Kel Davignon, is a half-breed. Could you tell just from looking at her?
[[Kel and Kangra look back.]]
Rásdondr: No.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 10, 2004.