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Touching, huh?

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Touching, huh?
[[Rásdondr is speaking off-panel. Kel and Kangra look back.]] / Rásdondr: But that's not so strange. You see, the healthy ones always look like pure humans.
[[Rásdondr is speaking off-panel. Kangra giggles.]] / Rásdondr: Maybe not so hairy, but this one is wearing clothes, so-
[[Isolde and Rásdondr are speaking off-panel. Kel listens.]] / Isolde: Wait! "The healthy ones"? / Rásdondr: The ones whose mother is the faerie. The others have too much of the black bile humour... And, I'm sad to say, don't last long.
Isolde: Really? / Rásdondr: I've only ever seen one alive. A boy of ten years who was already dying.
[[Rásdondr narrates. Shown: 40 years earlier, Rásdondr and an elven Grimborgsman try to save a dying child. / The child's parents, a male faerie and a female human, worry.]] / Rásdondr: I had a Grimborgsman come to his home to lift the Rune of Containment, in the hope that his magic would save him. But he had no magic at all.
Rásdondr: It was very sad. Sniff
Rásdondr: We had him stuffed and mounted for my institute's collection. You're welcome to come and see him sometime!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 12, 2004.