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Isolde: ...And the...healthy ones, do they have strong magic?
[[Rásdondr narrates. Shown: A half-faerie boy lighting up.]] / Rásdondr: Yes! Mine are unbelievably powerful. One started lighting up like the sun at fourteen...
[[Rásdondr narrates. Shown: A half-faerie girl, Vigdis, floating in the air and looking at a castle and its reflection in the water surrounding it. The castle is in ruins but the reflected image shows the castle in perfect condition.]] / Rásdondr: ...And the other... well, I have to take her word for it, but she started projecting herself and manipulating time long before she was old enough to take the Rite.
Isolde: Why do you have to take her word for it? / Rásdondr: Because she's three hundred years old, and I'm only eighty.
[[Isolde and Rásdondr speak off-panel. Kel and Kangra listen attentively.]] / Isolde: Wow! Is she immortal? / Rásdondr: Oh, I'm sure she'll grow old and die sometime. But I wouldn't wait for it.
[[Rásdondr speaks off-panel.]] / Rásdondr: It's a bit sad, really. She's already outlived two of her children...
Fuddeagh: Don't tell me you've had those stuffed and mounted too. / / Rásdondr: And make her mother look at them each day she comes in to work? Sir, what do you take me for? They're kept in formaldehyde and discretely stored for future research.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 15, 2004.