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Fafnir breaks the taboo

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Fafnir breaks the taboo
Fuddeagh: ...Forget I asked. Go on...
Isolde: What is your scientific explanation for all this? / / Rásdondr: Clearly a lot is still to be learned about how the humours express themselves, to use a technical term, differently in different species. I am convinced, though, that the principle is always the same, and that the powerful magic and long lifespans of healthy human-fae half-breeds are the results of an excess of blood and yellow bile.
[[Isolde speaks off-panel.]] / Isolde: In your opinion, is the Rune of Containment powerful enough to keep people like the defendent from using magic in their youth?
[[Rásdondr speaks off-panel. Fafnir is getting impatient.]] / Rásdondr: No. It will hold them back somewhat, but their natural magic will seep through and be difficult for them to control.
[[Isolde speaks off-panel. Fafnir rises.]] / Isolde: No further questions. / / Fafnir: Professor Rásdondr... How did you lose your leg?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 17, 2004.