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Prof. Rásdondr sees the bright side

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Prof. Rásdondr sees the bright side
Rásdondr: Oh... a lion bit it off.
Fafnir: And your arm? / / Rásdondr: Clawed by a liger cub. Got gangrenous. Got a good culture out of it, though.
Fafnir: And your eye? How did your face get disfigured? / Rásdondr: Cabbages. It's a long story.
Fafnir: ...And yet... ...You maintain that your animals are not dangerous?
Rásdondr: It was just high spirits! They didn't mean to hurt me! Mind you, I'm not so sure about the cabbages. / / [[Fafnir speaks off-panel. Norla, Abúi and Jodoque look on.]] / Fafnir: Professor, I have a... hypothesis that I think you should consider. It could explain a lot.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 19, 2004.