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It's homeric

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It's homeric
Fafnir: Professor...
Fafnir: You are stark-staring mad!
Rásdondr: I beg your pardon? / Fafnir: You are barking! Bonkers! Buggo! Nuts! Gaga! Dotty! A swivel-eyed loon!
Rásdondr: Mad, am I? What makes you say that? / Fafnir: Oh, please!
Rásdondr: Sir, your prime witness ate soap and blew bubbles!
[[Rásdondr's comment goes down well with the audience. They laugh out loud.]] / Audience: Bwa ha hahahahahaha!
[[Dódr bangs his gavel and calls for order off-panel. Maghreid, the Grimborgsman and several faerie activists in the audience laugh Homerically.]] / <<Whack! Whack! >> / Dódr: Order! Order!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 22, 2004.