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Drinking under the table

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Drinking under the table
Fuddeagh: -Snicker- If that was the last testimony, the court will now withdraw to deliberate. / / Grimborgsman: I should get going. / Maghreid: Good luck! / Grimborgsman: No need to wish me luck. / / [[Kel, Isolde and the Blonde Female Faerie Activist enjoy drinks. Jodoque hugs Kel.]] / Kel: What do you think? / Isolde: I'm feeling good about it.
[[Kangra, Ottar, Norla and Abúi enjoy drinks. They are at their natural size and have gathered under the table.]] / Kangra: I'm glad that's over. / Ottar: I'm barely gleesome it was not I being thinged.
[[Rásdondr talks to a brightly-dressed Gnome and Daoibleagh.]] / Rásdondr: I didn't think that line was all that funny, to be honest...
[[A voice speaks to Fafnir from off-panel.]] / Voice: Hey, lawyer! Can we talk?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 24, 2004.