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Dódr: The court has come to the following decisions...
[[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Kangra hugs Kel happily.]] / Regarding the charge against Kel Davignon of reckless abandonment of her ritual duties, the court finds her not guilty. / Kel: Yes! / Kangra: Yay!
[[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Norla talks to Abúi.]] / Dódr: Regarding the charge of illicit practice of magic, a majority of the court finds her not guilty, and urges the administration of the Office of Rites to take her to the Grimborg at once, to prevent further confusion on the matter.
Dódr: We invite the barristers in this case to read Assizor D'owd's dissenting opinion in case they wish to appeal. Now... the second defendant... / / [[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Kel and Kangra are still in each other's arms.]] / Dódr: ... Of complicity after the fact in reckless abandonment, the court finds, uh, Kangra Rotskivvensdottir not guilty.
[[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Kel and Kangra in each other's arms, Kangra startled.]] / Of attempting to hinder the work of the Office of Rites, the court finds her guilty. / Kangra: Eeb!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 26, 2004.