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[[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Kangra is distraught.]] / Dódr: The court orders that she have the Rune of Containment cast over her, and that the rune not be lifted until such time as she has completed a new Rite of Serfdom and passed through the Grimborg. / Kangra: Oooow...
[[Dódr speaks from off-panel. Kangra is thoughtful.]] / Dódr: The court notes that the defendant has recently worked three hundred days in the workshop of Miller Thatcher, cobbler of Tearvale in Hunsham province, and orders that these be credited towards her new term. / Kangra: Wait...
[[Behind Kel, a group of faeries are getting ready to pounce on Kel.]] / Kel: Who said those judges had no sense of hu-
[[The faeries pounce and grab Kel by the sleeves of her dress.]] / Kel: -Waaah!
[[The faeries pull Kel into the air, chanting. Kangra changes size. Jodoque, Atra, Rásdondr and Isolde run along.]] / Faeries: To the Grimborg! Grimborg! Grimborg!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 29, 2004.