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Signing up

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Signing up
[[Ottar, Abúi, P'Séaigg, Norla and the Blonde Faerie Activist carry Kel to the nearest Grimborg, a construction of concentric stone circles. From the centre of the Grimborg, a cloud of smoke rises. Two officials wait for the group outside the Grimborg.]]
[[The faeris put Kel down. An official reads off a clipboard.]] / Official #1: Kel Mansdottir Davignon?
[[Behind Kel, Kangra, Norla and P'Séaigg assume human size. The official hands Kel his clipboard and a quill/]] / Kel: Yes... / Official #1: Sign here.
[[Kel signs her papers.]] / Official #2: Ottar Av Wodeskoget? / Ottar: Aye. / Kel: Sure! There you go!
[[Ottar signs his papers. Official #1 waves Kel through. Kel tugs at her dress.]] / Offical #1: Proceed. / Kel: Wait!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on December 1, 2004.