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Misery and sound effects

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Misery and sound effects
[[The male Kel pushes the female Ottar away.]] / Kel: No!
[[Ottar changes back to his male form and his normal size.]] / Kel: I'm sorry. I was getting a bit... giddy.
[[Kel changes back to a woman, crouching on the floor of the Grimborg.]] / Ottar: I am ruesome too, mila- my friend. / / [[Kel and Ottar sit in silence.]]
[[An unseen sword hits the ground.]] / <<Chak! >> / / [[A fire is lit, illuminating Kel, Ottar and the Grimborgsman.]] / <<Foom! >>
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 12, 2005.