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Exposition and tension

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Exposition and tension
Grimborgsman: There was a time ... when the Grimborg would have a dragon in its center...
Grimborgsman:Later, when the most malign dragons had gone extinct, they were replaced by / Grimborgsmen...
[[Kel listens, worried. Ottar tries to calm her.]] / Grimborgsman: ... who, if needed, would do battle with the initiate, by magic or by sword.
[[The Grimborgsman speaks off-panel. Kel is frightened.]] / Grimborgsman: That was before the Rite of Serfdom became the main challenge. But there is still a chance...
Grimborgsman: ... A chance that an initiate finishes the rite without learning - and remains unsafe to be trusted with real magic.
[[The Grimborgsman pauses for effect.]]
Grimborgsman: You, Kel Mansdottir, and you, Ottar of Wodeskog, have passed the Grimborg. Enjoy your new lives.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 14, 2005.