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Nightly goings-on

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Nightly goings-on
[[Kel and Jodoque sleep.]]
[[Kangra flies back to the cottage of the cobbler Miller Thatcher.]]
[[A regiment of Office of Rites enforcers runs out at night.]]
[[Maghreid, the Master of Rituals and the Ritual Assistant are preparing to transport Rásdondr and Vigdis back to the Green Knight's castle, with the Green Knight's head in a jar.]] / Ritual assistant: Our energy sources seem to be dissippating. / Maghreid: So get on with it!
[[In the Dytforrabyggern, Bonfire, Clydesdale and Spig are discussing their jailbreak plan.]] / Bonfire: Han ok-te eskikkelsen-be! / Spig: Seide han skulte!
[[A boot kicks in Lord Vax's door.]] / <<CRAC! >>
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 31, 2005.