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Bringing in the suspects, and promoting to fill the gaps

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Bringing in the suspects, and promoting to fill the gaps
[[Bonfire and Clydesdale look on as Rátskøchbonn the Gnomian Ritual Priest is brought in.]] / Bonfire: What's with the hubbub? / 1. Guard: I don't know...
[[Lord Vax is brought in.]] / 1. Desk clerk: Move on everyone! We haven't got all day! / 1. Guard: Excuse me? / 1. Desk clerk: What do you want?
[[Kel hugs Ottar. Norla speaks to the former Assistant to the Ritual Priest, who is now the Ritual Priest instead of the Ritual Priest.]] / Norla: You've been promoted?
New Ritual Priest: Yeah... My former boss was arrested last night, for some reason...
2. Desk clerk: Rátskøchbonn, Ritual Priest, one count of bringing banned weaponry into a high security space? / 2. Guard: Correct. / 1. Desk clerk: Let's see...
1. Desk clerk: You forgot form 331B! / 1. Guard: Uh... sorry! / 1. Desk clerk: Didn't you notice we're busy? Don't waste our time with incomplete paperwork?
{{There is an inconsistency in the archives. In some pages, the Ritual Priest is referred to as Thighslapper, but in others, such as this page, he is called Rátskøchbonn.}}
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