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What the cluck?

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What the cluck?
[[Kel and Jodoque materialise outside the gang's homestead.]] / Hen: What the cluck? / <<Brrrr-zot!>>
Kel: Look at that! Right in front of the house!
[[The Former Ritual Assistant, Now the Ritual Priest is polishing her knife. Ottar and Norla look on.]] / FRANRP: Girl, that was the most accurate transport I've seen in years! What did you use for an energy source?
Kjetil: I don't know... Something going on at or near the Dyrtforrabyggern. By the way, I am male.
[[Bonfire and Clydesdale rest in an alley.]] / Bonfire: ~Wheeze~ / Clydesdale: We've made it!
Clydesdale: We've got out of the jail no one was supposed to be able to escape from! Let's call a bard! / Bonfire: Hmmm...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 8, 2005.