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Ragna acts like she's Kel's mother!

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Ragna acts like she's Kel's mother!
[[Ragnarok, Hildegard, Harold and Jake in the doorframe of the homestead.]] / Ragnarok: Eee! Kel and Jodoque!
Ragnarok: Where have you two been? You said you'd only be gone for a day or two at the most! / Kel: Uh...
Ragnarok: And that changeling of yours hasn't been quiet since you left! / Kel: What? Fay?
Kel: But she's never any trouble! / Ragnarok: Oh please! Jake has taken to sleeping in your old tree hut.
[[Kel reaches into Fay's crib to pick her up. Fay is all smiles and wide eyes.]] / Kel: Aw, look at you! Hello sweetie! / Ragnarok: ...and I haven't seen Atra all day. Where is she?
[[Kel has lifted Fay up and is now bouncing her around.]] / Kel: You're a nice girl, aren't you? a nice girl! / Fay: Æ! / Jodoque: Atra'll be back in a few hours. I can explain.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 9, 2005.