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Baaawk! C'Est Fini!

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Baaawk! C'Est Fini!
[[In the kitchen area, Jodoque, Ragna and Hildegard are preparing food.]] / Jodoque: So she had the choice between waiting a while and finding another transporter out of town... / Hildegard: I don't get it. What did you say those things ran on?
[[Kel is breastfeeding Fay.]] / Ragnarok: It's been four days. Are you sure you won't have any trouble feeding her? / Kel: I'll be fine. See, the Grimborg- / Ragnarok: Good. She's teething.
[[Ragnarok, Kel, Atra, Jodoque, Jake and Hildegard are seated at the dinner table.]] / Ragnarok: So Ottar isn't coming back? / Kel: Not for a while, at least. / Ragnarok: Damn! If all our men keep leaving, this place will be a henhouse! / Atra: Hilde, could you pass the waffles? / Jodoque: "Yag vil havv en andet oolen." / Jake: Keep practicing, son!
[[Ottar and Norla watch the sunset. Arthur is with them.]]
[[Jean-Pierre the French rooster addresses the reader directly.]] / Jean-Pierre: Baaawk! C'est fini!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 10, 2005.