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Nitpicks: What about other hybrids? And what about the Douards? VI

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Nitpicks: What about other hybrids? And what about the Douards? VI
[[Bleiz raises his arms.]] / R&aacutes;sdondr: Thank you, mister Bleiz. Those elongated bones would show up in the fossil record.
[[R&aacutes;sdondr speaks off-panel. Grendel gripes to his classmate.]] / R&aacutes;sdondr: Yet no bones resembling those have been found outside historical burial sites... / Grendel: Of course he does know the green guy's name. / Classmate: Settle down, Grendel!
R&aacutes;sdondr: Even in historical times, lutins don't show up in Elvish or Gnomish sources until the second Douard empire, twelve hundred years ago.
R&aacutes;sdondr: Even then, they only show up in Douard accounts of their purchase, sale, birth and death. But never their capture, unlike with all other species mentioned there.
[[R&aacutes;sdondr speaks off-panel.]] / Grendel: Professor, is this going anywhere? If you want to go on about how bad the Douards were, why don't you mention some of the things other species got up to in those days? / R&aacutes;sdondr: Mister Grendel...
[[R&aacutes;sdondr speaks off-panel. Grendel's classmates take a bit of a distance from him.]] / R&aacutes;sdondr: I assure you that that was not my intention- / Grendel: No Douard ever used iron weapons on a faerie! No Douard ever locked a human inside his own mind!
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Originally published on March 14, 2005.