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Nitpicks: What about other hybrids? And what about the Douards? VIII

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Nitpicks: What about other hybrids? And what about the Douards? VIII
[[Professor Rásdondr speaks off-panel. Bleiz and the orange-headed faerie listen.]] / Rásdondr: The second empire had supperior science and applied magic to us. They may have attempted to breed flightless faeries...
[[Vigdis conjures up an image on the giant crystal ball.]] / Rásdondr: In the process, they'd have made their slaves more Douard-like. Look at these:
[[Rásdondr narrates over the image.]] / Rásdondr: A thousand-year-old Douard skull and a portrait of the Douard emperor Adils II. Note the ears and teeth.
[[Rásdondr narrates over the image, which now shows Fire Elves rebelling.]] / Rásdondr: Of course, most records from that time were burned in the Fire Elf Uprising, and there's no "twanging arrow" to prove that the Douards created Lutins. The idea is still highly speculative...
[[The bell for the end of class rings, interrupting Rásdondr.]] / Rásdondr: But given adequate funding, I'm sure I could investigate- / <<DOING! DOING!>> / Rásdondr: Time's up! You're dismissed!
[[Rásdondr and Vigdis sit on the edge of the podium unpacking a lunch that consists largely of tentacle sandwiches.]] / Rásdondr: Is it me or did the time pass more quickly after that interruption? / Vigdis: Hmm?
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Originally published on March 16, 2005.