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{It's another monday's worth of filler! Ugly filler! Now, where were we? Oh yeah, there was this... this blue box...}} / [[Inside the TARDIS. Rose is talking to the Doctor, who is on his back underneath the console trying to fix something.]] / Rose: Doctor, is this goin'a take long? / Doctor: Just a minute. Pass the ...er... the hacksaw, will yer?
[[Rose passes a saw to the Doctor, while pointing towards the door with her thumb. The Doctor is speaking off-panel.]] / Rose: Only there's people knocking. / Doctor: Knocking? / Rose: On the door. / Doctor: Duct tape, duct tape!
[[Rose passes a role of duct tape to the Doctor.]] / Doctor: We're in the year one thousand and two, Rose! A backward, superstitious time when people lived in fear of anything they didn't understand. Ta.
[[Rose is speaking off-panel.]] / Rose: These aren't afraid, I think. / Doctor: No? / Rose: Because they're still knocking...
[[The Doctor emerges from underneath the console, sitting up straight.]] / Doctor: Fantastic! Let'em in, then!
{{Oh dear! Come back tomorrow to see if Auntie's lawyers have taken my pencils away!}}
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 2, 2005.