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Time travelers? Common as muck!

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Time travelers? Common as muck!
{{My, Grandma, what a big filler comic you have!}} / Doctor: Nine 'undred years, and I've never been upstaged by a naked half-fairy from the Middle Ages! / Rose: I think you're amazin'.
Doctor: She uses magic! Where's the fun in that? / Rose: You don't fancy 'er then? / Doctor: Why on earth should I?
Rose: Well, because you an'er 'ave so mich in common like the time travel an' all...
[[The Doctor hands Rose the Crank of Rassillon.]] / Doctor: C'mon, let's go! / Rose: Where?
[[The Doctor shovels coal into the TARDIS's console.]] / Doctor: 2005! Massachusetts! Time Travelers' Conventioon!
[[Outside the Tardis, still looking like a hovel. The Doctor is talking off-panel, from within.]] / Doctor: I'll show you time travelers! They're a dime a dozen! / <<Hack! Wheeze! Cough! Splutter!>> / {{One more!}}
{{The Time Traveler Convention took place on May 7, 2005 in the Walker Memorial Building, Building 50 on the MIT Campus. Early reports don't mention the Doctor or his companion although it's quite possible that this is because they didn't RSVP and were turned away at the door. / That naked brunette interrupting Professor Farhi's presentation with helpful suggestions that no one could understand later claimed to be a time traveler. However, when pressed to show her means of transportation, she refused, and the only the only part of her answer to the question "How did you travel through time" that made any sense was "by going forward, one chronon at a time". This did not impress the students at MIT at all, and they would have thrown the madwoman out if they hadn't been predominantly young male nerds.}}
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 9, 2005.