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Back to what passes for normality

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Back to what passes for normality
{{Did I say there'd be one more filler? I was wrong: There'll be one more after this one.}}
Norla: Now, Professor, about that monster of yours! / Rásdondr: What monster?
Ottar: The beast that thou unleashed! / Rásdondr: What? I never did!
Norla: Come on! You let loose a jeweled scuttling- / Rásdondr: Crab? But those things are everywhere!
Rásdondr: We're here to celebrate the fourtieth anniversary of the re-introduction of the magnificent flying dragons... / Vigdis: More wine, prof?
Rásdondr: ... the ones whose hides you are wearing!
Norla: I don't remember us having jackets on! / Ottar: I recall making them, but also not making them.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 10, 2005.