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A stitch in time will do just fine

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A stitch in time will do just fine
{{Arr. here we are with the final penciled filler!}}
Rásdondr: Vigdis? / Vigdis: Yes? / Rásdondr: How long ago did the magnificent flying dragos go extinct?
Vigdis: About thirty years ago, I think. / Rásdondr: And what are we celebrating now? / Vigdis: The fourtieth anniversary of... er... oh.
Rásdondr: What did I tell you about stitching up the past? / Vigdis: "Do it neatly, or not at all." Sorry.
Rásdondr: I'm sure those faeries caught on. They're hard to fool. / Vigdis: You want I should change it back?
[[Rásdondr and Vigdis admire the magnificent flying dragons.]] / Rásdondr: Nah. I can live with the idea of dragons being brought back before they went extinct. Just look at'em! Fantastic! / Vigdis: You sound like the Doctor!
{{The end! Dedicated to Terry Nation, Douglas Adams and all those who spend years of their lives holding back species extinction.}}
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Author Notes:

Reinder Dijkhuis 1st Jul 2015, 5:15 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 11, 2005.

This is the end of the re-run, for now. Coincidentally, it's exactly 15 years to the day I started publishing Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan online in English.


von Corax 3rd Jul 2015, 4:22 AM edit delete reply
So now what?
Reinder Dijkhuis 3rd Jul 2015, 5:31 AM edit delete reply
Reinder Dijkhuis
I dunno, but I'm relieved that I no longer have to deal with the daily chore of prepping old comics. Also, Abúi's Travels updated last weekend.
Xailenrath 8th Mar 2017, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
The update dates are different from when this comic actually shows up.
Nevertheless, welcome back! It's good to see this strip again!