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Who's the policeman in this dump, huh?

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Who's the policeman in this dump, huh?
Shepherd 1: Weeeel... there was this one ram who
Sheriff: SHUT UP! MY men are the guards around here! Not you lot! If anyone's going to do any arresting, it's gonna be them, not you! Got that?
Hywell: Er, yeah. Sorry.
Shepherd 2: Arr
Shepherd 3: Arr

Hywell: Er.... sir... about the werewolf?

Sheriff: Oh, all right. Take her in. I'll have someone send for the inquisitors.
Hywell: Arr.
Shepherd 1: Arr.
Sheriff: But we'll be doing this PROPERLY. That means I'll need statements from all of you.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 29, 2006.