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The horse you rode in on

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The horse you rode in on
Atra, Kel and Krakatoa stand outside, in the rain. Kel is still carrying her trove of flatfish tied to a stick.
Atra: Well fuck you and the horse you rode in on!
Kel: Bleh! I THOUGHT it was getting darker!
Krakatoa: So what do we do next?

Kel: What kind of a question is that? We investigate anyway! We're witches! Who does that... copper think he is?

Atra speaks up. Kel turns around, causing her fish-tied-to-a-stick to swing menacingly and nearly hit Krakatoa.
Atra: Let's set up a coven to consult the other witches in the area. Someone will have dealt with this problem before.

Krakatoa speaks up. Kel looks back but doesn't yet turn around.
Krakato: Let's not. Written sources are more reliable, so we'd better hit the scriptorium right now.

Kel turns around to speak to Krakatoa. The fish-on-a-stick nearly hit Atra this time.
Kel: No, wait! We should go to the woman's house to search for traces of-
Krakatoa: Oh, sure! Let's traipse around in an old shack looking for- what? Wolf poo?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 9, 2006.