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Atra, Kel and Krakatoa are walking through the rain-soaked streets. Kel: I"ve done it before! Any shapeshifter will leave traces of their way of life. I should know.
Krakatoa: She'll sleep in a doggy basket!
Kel: And what do you think we'll find in those books? Last I looked, they were all "Magic is evil" and made-up stories by senile monks!
Krakatoa: At least the monks had some intellect to begin with?

Kel takes a swing at Krakatoa with the fish-on-a-stick, and hits.

Kel and Krakatoa are rolling in the mud hitting one another with fish. Atra is talking to a friend on her crystal ball.
Atra: Say, Desdemonida! I was wondering if you could come over for dinner and a sabbat tonight. Oh, don't worry. That's just my covenmates having fun. Well, we were planning a bouillabaisse, but I think it's going to be vegetable soup.
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