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A woman's touch and mutton stew

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A woman's touch and mutton stew
Close-up of Jodoque's hands. He is trying to attach two strands of wool for spinning (or his spinning task failed and his yarn broke off).
Jodoque: Damn!

Ragnarok and Hildegard are also spinning. They are surrounded by baskets full of wool.
Hildegard: I told you, this needs a woman's touch. Here, let me-
Ragnarok: Nonsense, Hilde. My father used to spend weeks spinning anything he could lay his hands on. Dog hair, flax, nettles... One year, we had a shortage, so he made his men cut off their beards to spin them.
Jodoque: Still, I'm no good at this. Jake! Need a hand with that mutton stew?
Jake answers from the kitchen area. Behind him, a sheep's carcass is hung from a hook.
Jake: No, it's coming along nicely. Want a taste?

Outside, Atra and Kel are arriving at the house. A goat bleats at them to greet them.
Atra: Alright! I take it back! You haven't changed a bit! Still fawning over every dragon, elf or imp that might cross your path...
Goat: Baa!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 27, 2006.