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So the fishmonger was sold out?

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So the fishmonger was sold out?
Atra is on her back, overrun by two happy dogs licking her face.
Atra: Tamlin! Ottar! Down! Down! Stay!
Kel: Barrel's free.
Atra: Why THANK you!

Kel walks into the house.
Kel: I'm home!

Kel walks past the group of spinners. Fay runs up to her.
Kel: Jodoque, my other shift-
Jodoque: Hanging in the sauna.
Kel: OK. I'll hang these up as well.
In the sauna. Sausages are hanging from the ceiling.
Jodoque: I guess the fishmonger was all sold out?
Kel: I'll... tell you about it later.
Jodoque embraces and kisses Kel.
Jodoque: Oh, nevermind. ~Smek~ Jake's made mutton stew.
Kel: Mmm lovely. Say, can you help me with something?
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Reinder Dijkhuis 13th Jun 2017, 8:14 PM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 19, 2007. So Feral in fact went on hiatus for almost a year while I was working on a massive crossover story. And this is how the cliffhanger resolved.