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Make way! Make way!

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Make way! Make way!
A group of monks gather by the entrance to the hospice. Two of them are carrying Krakatoa.
Monk 1: Leper!
Monk 2: Make way! Make way!
Monk 3: Hey! No pushing!
Monk 4: Don't shout! I've got a weak heart!

Monk 2: This young lady fainted in the library!
Krakatoa: Anemia... need... red... meat!
Monk 5: One of Bartlemew's, eh?

Monk 6: And I pulled a muscle carrying her in.
Monk 2: Yeah, me too.
Monk 5: Cook! Three more steak dinners!

Krakatoa walks into the hospital dining room, where she meets Bartholomew, who sits at a table with his arm in a sling.
Krakatoa: Is this charade really necessary?
Bartholomew: ... It passes the time. So tell me! Did you find anything you could use?
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Author Notes:

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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 1, 2007. Original color flats by DFG. Recolored in June, 2017.