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Watch the nettles

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Watch the nettles
Kel and Jodoque are out in the marshland. Kel is dressed for adventure, which means that she only has a long shift on and her legs are bare.
Jodoque: Do we have to go this way? There is a path, you know.
Kel: The path is known to Sheriff Hogsworth's men. I'd prefer to avoid any patrols.
Jodoque: Careful! Nettles!
Kel trudges on barelegged through the nettles.
Kel: Nettles? And?
Jodoque: Of all the things I've seen you do, that just might freak me out the most.
Kel: Tell my sisters. They used to play naked in places like this.
Jodoque: Were they immune to cold as well? Because I don't think most people would-
Kel: I can feel cold... now shush! That must be the place?
Jodoque: Where?
Kel: Over there! Can't you see it?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 10, 2007. No significant changes to this one!