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Breaking up this party

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Breaking up this party
Atra: Look, we won't even have to let her out of the stocks! It'll be perfectly safe!
Shireen: I don't care! I'm not doin'it! I"ve had enough trouble with my Rhymnis and my Bleddin. I'm not taking chances with this one. I'm not like you and your ginger friend.
Atra: What's that supposed to mean?
Shireen: You know what I mean! Kel Mansdottir went dragon-huntin' while she was carryin' her daughter! An' I've heard stories about your younger days...

Hogsworth and his men are still eavesdropping.
Guard #1: Can we go, sheriff? Surely even Marion Turniproot isn't worth having to sit through those two old gossips bickering!
Hogsworth: Shush, constable!

Shireen: Well young Kel can get herself eaten by a dragon, see if I care. But I'm not putting my baby near a werewolf's maw! An'that's final!

Hogsworth: Well, she's said it. Time to break this party up.
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Author Notes:

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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 19, 2007. Color flats by DFG.