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Framed Matrix Crossover Day Three

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Framed Matrix Crossover Day Three
Testing, testing, one two. One. Two.
This seems to work. OK... Kel Mansdottir, I can talk to you this way. Can you talk back?
Evidently not. Can you quack, maybe?
No time. Go tell the wizard to get some... oranges. Er, a round, thick-skinned fruit. Or a grapefruit, which isn't a grape. And Lemonade... Leh-moh-nayd... no time to explain, with rosebud extract.
Mister wizard?
Call me Henry, please.
Do you have any ...oranges, or grapey-fruits and ...lay-man-aid with rosebuds in it?
I can get them. But why?
No time! Get them now! Voice, what do you need these things for?
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Author Notes:

Reinder Dijkhuis 16th Oct 2013, 5:30 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Crossover!. Continue reading at No Stereotypes for August 31, 2001 and then at Purple Duck Mambo for August 31, 2001. Finally, go to Silly Cone V for September 1, 2001.

This comic originally published on August 31, 2001.