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The pleading look in Ottar's eyes was too much for Raven.
"Mfl Rfghf", she said. In the interest of good articulation, Ragna took her hand off the redhead's mouth.
"All right. I shan't order Ottar to bail me out of here. Ottar, fetch me my clothes, and maybe a drink would be a good idea."
"Okay", said Sanderon. "You both knew Wythllew?"
"She's bad news", said Kel.
"Friend of Leroukh's - my brother's. Gave us Ottar last Yule," said Raven.
"That Ottar seems to be a bright sort of chap. You're fond of him?"
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Reinder Dijkhuis 16th May 2014, 5:17 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published: not sure. At this time, the main webhost is down and has been for many hours, so I cannot check the date.