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Clap me in irons!

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Clap me in irons!
What's that supposed to mean? A stereotype? I'll have you know I have no sense of humor whatsoever!
Ooh, acorns! I'd like some, yes!
Okay, I'm sorry. Look, our new detainees are in good health, is all I'm saying.
'Ere! These acorns are squishy!
Nice and ripe! Clap me in irons if it isn't so!
...And hairy!
Oh, I'm sure they think they're healthy...
They'll put hair on your feet, your lordship!
Hair on my feet, huh? So sell them to the gnomes, you trouser-wearing whelp! I'm sure they'll-
Hey! Hey! Hey! If I'm selling food, I gotta wear clothes! It's hygienic!
Yeah, you don't want any skin contact with those acorns!
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Reinder Dijkhuis 28th Jul 2014, 5:18 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on December 11, 2002.