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Kangra of all people keeps a cool head

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Kangra of all people keeps a cool head
Norla: Enough, P'S&eacute;aigg!
Norla: Everyone involved is a citizen of the Gnomian Republic! If we can't be that, why even bother? / P'S&eacute;aigg: My point exactly.
Norla: There's just no talking to you... / Kangra: So, P'S&eacute;aigg...
Kangra: You'd do what you could to see them fail, right? / P'S&eacute;aigg: Oh, yeah... / Kangra: So we can count on your help? I mean... / P'S&eacute;aigg: Sure!
[[P'S&eacute;aigg speaks off-panel.]] / Kangra: It's all right for Norla to have big ideals, but we're the ones in jail... / P'S&eacute;aigg: Don't worry! / Kangra: Will you help? We need your contacts. / P'S&eacute;aigg: SURE!
Kangra: ...Even the ones that are gnomes. / P'S&eacute;aigg: Keep your hair on! I'm on it!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 5, 2003.