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Plans are made

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Plans are made
Isolde: Here's what we'll do. I'll check at the Office and the Shrine, and sign the papers...
Isolde: Mr. P'Séaigg, can you arrange a transport to the Green Knight's domain? Say, tomorrow? / P'Séaigg: I can try... / Isolde: Then we can send Mr. Davignon there with the subpoena.
Kel: ...And we'll need another transport to Clwyd-Rhan, so Norla can contact Ottar. / Jodoque: Hold it!
Jodoque: What are you thinking? I should go to Clwyd-Rhan and Norla to the Green Knight! So we'll be working in places we know.
Kel: Jodoque, Norla will be more persuasive towards Ottar. And ... uh... she won't be able to get much done with the Green Knight. He's a bit peculiar.
[[Kel kisses Jodoque.]] / Kel: Sleep well. With luck, P'Séaigg will have everything prepared by tomorrow afternoon.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 7, 2003.