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Back in the pub...

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Back in the pub...
[[Jodoque and Norla at the inn, sitting at a table, thinking.]]
[[Norla gets up from the table.]] / Norla: I should go... pack things...
Norla: If there's anything you need, I can- / Jodoque: Norla?
Jodoque: Nobody said anything about this, but I've got to know... What if Kel's found guilty?
Norla: I'm not sure you'd understand... / Jodoque: Try me. / Norla: Well, first off, she could be exiled... / Jodoque: ...Aaand?
Norla: And she could have the Master Rune cast over her.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 12, 2003.